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To apply 21st Century, 4th Industrial Revolution Water Science Technology to efficiently and effectively clean contaminated industrial wastewater.


We accomplish this by integrating 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as: simplified cyber control and monitoring, machine learning, digital automation, artificial Intelligence and creative online monitoring to insure and maintain water quality remotely in real-time.


CYBER ENVIRO-TECH, INC. (“CETI”) is a publicly traded WATER SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY company designing water purification solutions for commercial applications and industries. We do this by integrating best practices, nanomaterial, adsorption and highest results-based processes into water purification solutions.

The Company has aggregated 12 combined technologies amassed from around the world to produce proprietary water sanitization, desalinization and oil/water separation systems to market. This enables CETI to clean nearly all known water contamination issues that exist whether biological, chemical or radioactive.  

We use the world’s best water filtration processes and technologies from global industry leaders combined in a unique process to make water usage and consumption safer, more efficient and less expensive. CETI has developed proprietary high volume modular, mobile waste water purification systems for industrial and commercial applications, the SmartFlow System™.


The following are some of the components of our SmartFlow System™ that create more effecient and effective water filtration.
  • PRESSURIZED COMPONENTS: CETI uses injection to pressurize components which allows us to exponentially increase extraction of contaminants at low energy bandwidths with lower total operating costs. For hydrocarbon contaminants, this means we can actually run the spectrum of diatomic carbon emissions, creating microscopic flames in cold liquids.
  • OREGANO-METALLICS REMOVAL: The pressurization removes other contaminating compounds that contain metal-carbon bonds, called organometallics which are used in plastic production, microelectronics, synthesis of pharmaceuticals, and herbicide-pesticide compilations.
Pipetting Samples
  • DIVIDED TASK, MODULAR DESIGN: One phase of our divided task, modular design isolates these contaminants with cavitation implosions in conjunction with electrodialysis to trap them as they are suspended in water.
  • SUSPENDED CLUSTER COMPOUNDS: Rather than pressurize the contaminants into a membrane, our technology yields unusual cluster compounds that become suspended  [without chemicals] to trap and strip them from the water. A similar phase irradiation is used to create water and oil separation in high industrial runoff areas.
What all of this means is that we achieve a superior degree of water filtration without the use of higher energy, chemical flocculation, or extensive antifouling mechanics.

Ultimately, we believe that this technology will lead to the removal of the forever plastics "PFAS" created from plastics in our water systems. 
Lab Experiments



Cyber Enviro-Tech, Inc. is a GREEN, Environmentally Driven Company focused on addressing the damage to our potable water supplies created by numerous worldwide industries among other factors. Our solution is to provide customized, water filtration systems that will enable such companies within those industries, to cost effectively meet or exceed EPA regulatory mandates.

Largely through farming and the natural resource industries, toxin levels are exponentially increasing in our rivers, lakes, streams and aquifers. This is having a direct impact on our ever-increasing demand for available potable drinking water.


The majority of our water purification infrastructure was built over 40 years ago. As a result, many of the dated water filtration technologies are no longer capable of sufficiently or cost effectively addressing the increased water contamination issues that are becoming more prevalent in our available drinking water resources. 

CETI's industrial water filtration systems leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies to meet or exceed United Nations SDG6 Protocol. Currently this Protocol is the gold standard of water purification and even exceeds current US protocols.     


CETI applies internationally proven technologies using proven processes to custom fit superior water science systems for commercial and industrial applications. CETI's SmartFlow System incorporates great scientific achievements in Aerospace, Satellite, Industrial and AI engineering telemetry. Some of these technologies are used today but many are not. CETI has created a quantum leap in the use of technologies from these industries to become a industry leader in 4th Industrial Revolution Cyber Integration.


Kim D Southworth and TJ Agardy met at a Native American conference  with the intent to explore how to help tribal lands clean up reservation aquifers and groundwater issues. Both immediately saw their mutual commitments and understood the enormous water contamination issues that societies and industries face. With years of combined research, business and industry related experience, education and technological exposures throughout their careers, the journey began. Subsequently, they were able to initiate conceptual plans for creating water purification  solutions and began their search for the best water sciences technologies in the world.

CETI was born and is bringing to market combined water filtration technologies never before used in this industry. 

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